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By Jeremiah Olson 26 Aug, 2017

In the fullness of the prophetic words we look at Isaiah 51:1-6. A new reality will be manifested.

Family and the foreigners will experience a change.

Eternal change will come, the prophet believes, by the Lord. On the Mountain of the Lord God family and foreigners will be gathered. The gathered ones, on that Holy Mountain, will come into that house of prayer. There the family and the foreigners will come to the fellowship of prayer.

These foreigners will be brought near to the family to experience “joy and gladness” even genuine thanksgiving and song in that new Eden, God’s holy Mountain, that house of prayer that remains and endures after all other garments are worn out and all wicked divisions “vanish like smoke.”

Join us for prayer and worship. We’d love to see you.

By Jeremiah Olson 18 Aug, 2017

In the news we hear all kinds of talk about how people are divided and at odds with one another. Individuals and groups are locked in arms of opposition. Individuals suffer in this traumatic stance and gathered companies of human beings are at the wood’s edge where doubtful combat lies just beyond the trees and the outcome is beyond sight and hidden from their eyes. This is the sum and substance of the news.

It is news, but it is not good news.

This Sunday we will be hearing the news from a Hebrew prophet. Prepare yourself, ahead of time, for this news. Read Isaiah 56:1 and 6-8. In many psychological, social and cultural relations there is some form of division between human beings. The text recognizes this state of being and offers the ultimate form of reconciliation and renewal.

There is group A and group B. These are designated in the religious text as “foreigners” and “Israel.”

There are further designations within the two groups. There is the ideal and faithful understanding of one group, “Israel” which has been called out by the LORD to “Keep justice and do righteousness.”

There is a subdivision here also, of the outcasts of Israel. These may be members of the extended family who are somehow impure or different or even wayward who have not kept God’s covenant in the common life of the family. Deliverance and salvation is promised to rectify this break.

And there are the “foreigners” or the gentiles or everyone else who is not of the line of this extended family. These outsiders are also promised deliverance and salvation. Something will be revealed.  Change. Justice and deliverance will come to them.

Join us on Sunday and sing the early American hymn of that great coming together in prayer. Sing “In Christ there is no East or West, in him no South or North.”

By Jeremiah Olson 17 Feb, 2017

I am bringing a greeting to some who know me, and a greater greeting to those whom I may not know. Our congregation appreciates the time you have taken to visit our website. I thank you for reading this log entry. May God bless you this day and all days. Amen.

I invite you to contact me by email at or by phone at 952-935-2044 (office) or 651-503-8381 (cell) . I appreciate biblical, theological and pastoral care questions and topics. In our world of information availability, and information overload, real conversations between real people are of a premium value. The world, and our complex set of cultures in this country is frequently filled with misinformation, as well as partial attempts to discuss real and lasting ideas, which does not do justice to the real things that real people want to discuss. We can create a positive change here, between us, as we talk. 

Many people in our area, our country and our world don’t know what to do with themselves on Sunday mornings. They may be resting, or busier than ever with many things, but essential things of the spiritual life are missed. Those things are not missed at Fairview.

I invite you to visit us Sunday mornings at 9 AM at Fairview to sing, pray and hear the Word for an hour. Stay for coffee and prayer afterwards if you have an extra half hour or forty-five minutes.

Have you missed, or never experienced, traditional liturgical worship and prayer? Have you missed singing great and profound hymns? Have you never sung accompanied by a beautiful pipe organ played by expert organists who are committed to a faithful life surrounded by music?

These things are not easy to find in our part of the world today. 

We look forward to becoming acquainted with you.

You are welcomed to Fairview with genuine love, care and prayer.



Pastor Jeremiah Olson

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